Sean E.

Sorry, I have been late to post this review about Nicole because I have been so busy enjoying my NEW HOME (settling in) thanks to Nicole and Alex!

Where to begin:

I met Nicole off of facebook. I was HOUNDED by sooo many agents when I had first posted I was interested in finding an agent/home. I chose Nicole because she was the only one to send me a MESSAGE. Very personable in my view, not some generic comment/message on a facebook page. That is what WON me over. 

My goal was to find  an agent and a lender because I was curious just to see what I could qualify for if anything. I am a first time home buyer, with no real knowledge with how everything in the real estate / lending market works. I have done research and have been house hunting and researching on my own, however having a great realtor like Nicole and her partner Alex they both taught me a lot about homes, like what to look for, what to avoid, how the real estate market works etc.

They showed me maybe a dozen homes or so, and they had no problem driving me around even when it was 50+ miles away and I would do back to back visits sometimes. 

I cant compare her to other realtors, since I have never had any before however I am so GLAD I chose her (got lucky). She was so PATIENT with me (too patient at times) with my decision process. She was looking to make sure I was HAPPY and not just looking to make money. She wanted me to be 100% certain in my decision.

During escrow she got me everything I wanted in the home even more (fridge, oven, dishwasher was included – which I didn’t expect).

Now Nicole works with Matt from Bay Equity, which I HIGHLY recommend working with both, since they both work very well together. Plus when you get all 3 of them together in a car ride (Nicole, Alex, Matt) it is entertainment. haha

Any questions feel free to ask.