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Like most families, I’ll be enjoying some down time with friends and extended family this evening, and it’s never too late to think about safety, especially when loved ones are running around waiting for the big show.

If you do a quick Internet search on Fireworks Safety, you’ll get well over 150,000 results. Yeah, it’s a little daunting, so I decided to keep it “old school” and check out some of the websites for our local Fire Departments, and I was immediately greeted with easy to read, practical safety tips. 

While you can do a search for a Fire Department in your neighborhood, these tips are written for everyone in mind, and they are sure to keep your family safe so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the big show…

Orange County Fire Authority: Fireworks Tip Sheet

California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire):

Fireworks Safety Update